Notes On The X Factor #3

PM’s predictions were, again, proven to be misplaced on Saturday night as Laura White shockingly was eliminated from the competition. While White’s performance was not as stirring as fellow sing-off competitor Ruth Lorenzo‘s Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door and she deserved to lose, the fact that she was in the bottom two alone shows an interesting compliance on the part of the public to side with the story, not the substance.


Rachel Hylton‘s performance of Against All Odds (above) further showcased her inability to emote through song. Upon her original audition, she performed a ‘no-nonsense’ style song with characteristic bravado and confidence, but it’s since been proven that she has difficulty expressing anything beyond that. With Against All Odds, Hylton again neglected the lyrical intentions in lieu of sheer force and effected sincerity. Volume alone cannot provide the emotional intensity she craves to convey. As a result of her forcing the volume, several notes were unacceptably out of tune – listen particularly to the second verse, just before the choir’s entry.

Undoubtedly, Hylton is the biggest disappointment from the producers’ point of view. Her combination of exhilarating first audition and alarming background of drug abuse and imprisonment was the perfect entrée to the ultimate rags to riches story but, justly, it has been ruined somewhat by her lacklustre performances so far. Still, the public maintain unwavering faith that she will improve by continuing to keep her in the competition.

More incredulous this week, predictably, was Daniel Evans. Again, the public continue to show support for nothing more than consistently glorified misfortune. Though his performance of Open Arms (above) was by no means as ill-judged as last week’s shambolic misinterpretation, it still maintained Evans’ tendencies to over-emote (though with a different result than Rachel Hylton) and continually wink at the camera.

Possibly the worst aspect of the Evans’ debacle is that Chris Moyles has mounted a potentially damaging campaign to keep him in the competition. This is based on nothing but obvious irony and almost frat-boy dedication to his terribly old-fashioned charm. Evans will soon realise that the reason anyone is getting behind Moyles’ campaign is because they think he is a hilarious idiot, traipsing unknown from week to week, winking merrily through unchallenging material and managing to make his inevitable failure more spectacular when it finally arrives. 

Predictions for next week: Ruth and Daniel in the bottom two, Daniel to go.


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