Seeland – Library

Seeland – Library (LoAF) 







For artists with such strong roots in significantly more difficult and cold acts like Broadcast and Plone, Seeland have certainly managed to lighten up. Library is warmly accessible, not fussy in the slightest and in possession of no more interlocking parts than are truly necessary to maintain interest. Not an awful lot happens therein, but the Gruff Rhys-esque (what a terrifyingly bad adjective…) vocals and gentle melodiousness are sweet enough, if not quite memorable enough, for the duration.
The real treat is the b-side, Call The Incredible, the swirling and lofty ostinato of which calmly asserts itself over the course of these beguiling four minutes. With a suitably dreamy anchor in place, Seeland wander around experimenting with melodic fragments for quite some time, bringing it all to a climax of freewheeling soundscaping… you can feel yourself gently lifting off the planet. It’s no place to get stuck and make a career, but for a short while at least, there’s plenty of bliss to be harvested.

Library is released on December 15th via LoAf Recordings, with its parent album emerging, all wet and warm, in March. Listen to these two tracks and more at their MySpace.







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