Official Secrets Act – So Tomorrow

Official Secrets Act – So Tomorrow (One Little Indian)


 Official Secrets Act

Smash smash smash and it’s difficult to get excited. The limited charms that Official Secrets Act (terrible name, that) initially exhibit on first listen don’t do them justice. Drums in 16ths, high-pitched vocals and lyrics about dancing until the bitter end are completely identikit, but you must dig deeper. It’s not redefining the standards by which we judge pop music, but at least there’s intricacy, thought, cleverly constructed instrumental and vocal harmonies and, at the very end, about sixty-ten hundred things going on at once. Smart, like Magoo.

Listen to the guitar harmonies just before the first appearance of what you might call the chorus (the definition changes in a structure that is either clueless or genius), listen to the WAILED backing vocals over said sort-of-chorus, listen to the drum rumbles under the word “job”, there’s plenty to keep one’s ears pricked. Best of all, listen to the final push before the climax – it’s not rushed, and the reward is strictly limited. Now you can listen to it again.

Get to know it (properly) before The Guardian ruin it by saying it sounds like The Feeling.


So Tomorrow is out on December 8th on 7″ and download. Probably head here for that.


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