Wrongs #2 – John Lydon

This time, it’s an obvious one. Obvious because there rarely has been such an apparent about-face in ideologies spread so widely, albeit in hilarious fashion. So we all know about that. Forget that. Here’s the offending article:

The problem with this insane concept for an advert is that it works. Annoying though that may be, it has probably been conceived with a nod to the fact this will outrage anyone who has a percentage of ‘punk’ in their bloodstream, and therefore become part of the nation’s water-cooler chat a la that Joss Stone advert where she spills bits of Flake on her tits (sorry, that was coarse). So Country Life Butter’s stock goes up a little, and John Lydon can go back to the business of annoying people, something he would no doubt be extremely glad of.

What people might not realise is that the dopey racist has always been extremely dopey. The only difference is that when it was new, unfocused and youthful, it started a movement. Nowadays, his dopeyness can do him no good. In the ad, all the key tenets of what might be considered his ‘style’ are included. Unwillingness to valorise British institutions, ridiculous facial expressions and a lugubrious tone of voice that is supposed to make him sound like some sort of learned working class hero, but in fact makes him sound like the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal.

If you want proof that Lydon has always been a cretinous little wart, observe below:

His energy and lack of respect defines him, respectably and honourably so, but it doesn’t change the fact that he has always assumed himself to be correct in every issue, despite his unfailing knack of having no answers for anything asked of him. It’s an infuriating quality that has effectively killed his career since the demise of PiL.


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