The Capitol Years – Revolutions

The Capitol Years – Revolutions (SOE Records)

 The Capitol Years - Revolutions

Is it possible to base a song on a raging war of tempi? The Capitol Years (what an excellent name) seem to have answered that question affirmatively, given that Revolutions is constantly flitting between a gentle Byrdsian bounce and a psyched triplet feel in its verses. There are cunning ways in which this duality has been accentuated, the most convincing of which is the deep guitar ostinato that accompanies the bouncy motifs like a returning smell in the nostrils, but there are other little bass bobs and organ wails that appear very carefully in their correct areas so that maximum effect is achieved. The final deceleration is also beautifully judged.

The flip, CIA, retains this schizophrenic template, oscillating between business and laziness in a charming haze of gentle minor arpeggios and bleeps. The lazy sections are the most luxurious and revealing, being as they are a series of lofty statements softly intimated, “Rock is Dead!” being the most casually important. It could be a coincidence that both of these songs rely heavily on the idea that contrasts as big as these will result in engaging songs, or it could be tracing paper for a whole album of similarly confusing and rewarding songs. Let’s hope that when the LP arrives it remains unable to sit still for too long.

Revolutions is released on January 5th via SOE Records, do a click.


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