LR Rockets – Dance It Away EP

LR Rockets – Dance It Away EP (Silverdoor Records)

LR Rockets

If your boundless energy doesn’t transmit fully to the recorded disc you sell at your shows, then you may as well not bother bouncing around the place. Having not seen them live, it’s difficult to tell whether or not this East London four piece with silly names have any such energy to transmit, but LR Rockets don’t manage to crush much verve into this umpteenth single. Guitars in their highest register play ostinati with no function over identi(drum)kit disco rhythms on the titular track, sadly providing the most exhilaration on the whole EP. What follows is lacklustre flag-waving and pseudo-everything, from the overly tasteful bass to the poised hacking of the lead guitar.

Their slapdash inclusion of the odd ill-conceived social slogan makes it all the more cringeworthy to observe. Death Of The UK provides exactly no insight into modern Britain, settling on the cutting topics of KNIVES, KIDS, and y’know, URBAN STUFF. They’d no doubt argue that if this is, indeed, a trifle simplistic, the real focus should be on dancing to their energetic music. Yes? Well, sadly, that’s not enough sometimes. It continues into a remix of London Girls, in which the chant of “London girls are so hot” is accompanied by bludgeoningly simple electro beats to self-nullifying ends. The only enjoyable moments from this EP come on Animal where the vocals sound like Captain Beefheart on Abba Zaba. The rest, though, is fifteen minutes you won’t get back.

Comes out on January 12th. Want to hear it?


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