Fight Like Apes – Tie Me Up With Jackets

Fight Like Apes – Tie Me Up With Jackets (Model Citizen)


Another example of their unfussy and occasionally excellent pop offensive, this first single from their debut album with the silly name is notable not for the A-side so much as it is for the explosive last track. But more of that in a minute. Tie Me Up With Jackets should see Fight Like Apes slide easily into the discerning kids’ pop consciousness with all its kooky lyrics and wry references to Yo La Tengo and Simple Kid and preferring meatballs when they’re served in a dish. Musically it’s not obvious single material, but thumping enough by its climax to warrant a small growl of satisfaction.

The second B-side Canhead shows them at their strongest visceral level so far, with singer Maykay finally letting go of her innate tunefulness and just squealing. It makes for such a markedly different listening experience when she finally does. That’s not to say that when she is tuneful it’s predictable, but the sheer ferocity is comparatively electrifying. By having the voice as an almost wordless tool as opposed to an instrument with sentiments and tuning and nuances, Canhead succeeds in creating a more nonsensical and exciting milieu.

Tie Me Up With Jackets is out on Model Citizen records on January 19th. More here.


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