How’s Your Week? – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

This week, PM catches up with Kip from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. See what we thought of their debut record here (it’s aces, anyhow), then see what Kip & co. have been up to…

the pains of being pure at heart

In a word, how’s your week?


What did you get up to last night and how was it?

Peggy and I went to Daddy’s (a bar in Brooklyn) and had a great time. We saw a lot of friends and drank a lot of drinks. One of the guys from Cause co-MOTION was DJing and I met this guy who had just gotten out of a relationship of 5 years and was sad. But we sang along to all of Teenage Fanclub’s The Concept – I think we were a little wasted… but it was really fun.

What’s for dinner tonight and who’s cooking it?

I’ll probably make tomato soup and saltine crackers – I’m totally addicted, and have been eating this every day for the last week.

What have you listened to today and did you like it?

I listened to Tough Alliance’s New Violence and Gentle Touch’s Once You Used To and liked them both.

What’s your favourite/least favourite thing that’s happened this week?

I really liked going out last night – I saw so many friends. But tomorrow is Kurt’s (drums) birthday party, and I feel like that’s going to be insanely amazing! I can’t wait!

(Kip answered these questions on Jan 22nd)

Is there any cuter image than members of The Pains confiding newly sad with a sing-along of an entire Teenage Fanclub classic? Nope, sir. Have a listen to The Pains at their MySpace.


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