How’s Your Week? – Left With Pictures

This week (well, last week really, did you see the snow?!), we had quick word with Stuart Barter from Left With Pictures, whose sublime Secretly EP is reviewed here. PM interviewed the band once here, as well. Look how brainy! Sounds like the band have had a cracking week, and Stuart was all eager to impart…

Left With Pictures

In a word, how’s your week?

What did you get up to last night and how was it? 
Last night I was at The Bush Hall doing a Left With Pictures set at “Shhh” festival. It was delightful. We played entirely without amplification, which was a little nerve-wracking but it paid off I think. They had the grand piano out which Toby (our keyboard player) used and it sounded lovely. The whole place was dimly lit and decked out with candles on each table, and the snow coming down outside also added to the drama! It was totally packed as well so pats on the back all round. Great sets from the likes of David Thomas Broughton, and Liz Green as always. Animal Magic Tricks, who I’d never heard of before, was great too, so that was a nice discovery.
What’s for dinner tonight and who’s cooking it?
Not sure yet. Perhaps my signature dish – Spaghetti Bolognese. Or I might visit my girlfriend if I can make it to her in the snow, if I’m lucky she’ll make me something.

What have you listened to today and did you like it?

The first half of Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde was played as accompaniment to some serious playing of Nintendo Wii with my housemate. I’m a bit of a Dylan fanatic, so yes I enjoyed it – but I was concentrating more on scoring goals on Mario Strikers to be honest. In cases of extreme snow…reach for the consoles I say.
What’s your favourite/least favourite thing that’s happened this week?
It’s been a brilliant week so far. The Shhh festival was amazing and Time Out wrote a lovely piece about us as a preview to it. Only slightly bad thing was walking to Shepherds Bush tube after the show in the driving snow. But even that was pleasant in some ways. Best to look on the bright side, I think.
You can hear the intricate sounds of Left With Pictures here. We’re due an album soon, right?

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