How’s Your Week? – Dent May

Dent May, along with his trusty ukulele, is an utterly worthy step on a tightrope between cabaret and heartbreak, but when your rope’s made of Serge Gainsbourg’s chest hair. For a more serious summation, have a look at PM’s review of his newly-released debut LP, here. After that, learn about Dent’s week below!

Dent May

In a word, how’s your week?


What did you get up to last night and how was it?

An old friend moved to town, and there was a housewarming gathering at his new place. Unfortunately, I was a bit too fashionably late and all the booze was gone.

What’s for dinner tonight and who’s cooking it?

Unless I go shopping today, I have two choices: peanut butter & jelly sandwiches or Ramen noodles. Hmm, perhaps I’ll be eating out tonight.

What have you listened to today and did you like it?

I listened to Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam’s classic 1987 record “Spanish Fly.” It’s a great way to start the day.

What’s your favourite/least favourite thing that’s happened this week?

My favorite thing that happened is my record finally came out last Tuesday. My least favorite thing is that I spilled beer on my laptop, my car broke down, and I accidentally fried the electronics inside my ukulele of all things.

Oh Dent, be more careful next time! That uke’s your bread and butter! Still, what a guy. Visit Dent at his MySpace and make sure you pick up his record, it’s a terrific way to evoke summer climes in snow-bedrifted February.


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