How’s Your Week? – The Long Lost

The Long Lost are just lovely (read our review of their debut LP here), and Albert and Laura were kind enough to answer our silly questions. Also, this is the second week in a row someone’s used a ‘-tic’ word to sum up their week. Good one Dent May! Next week, Bono describes his week as, err, ‘fibreoptic’.

The Long Lost

In a word, how’s your week?


What did you get up to last night and how was it?

We went to “Give Up” (‘s monthly sad music night) and cried into our drinks…

What’s for dinner tonight and who’s cooking it?

We’ll have delicious Indian food cooked by our favorite All-India Café – shahi paneer, sambar, chai, mmm!

What have you listened to today and did you like it?

We heard Aretha Franklin’s Say a Little Prayer on the radio and it was awesome on a rainy day.

What’s your favourite/least favourite thing that’s happened this week?

We saw a glorious rainbow, and my [Albert’s] dad went to the hospital.

The Long Lost will be coming over to see us (THE PEOPLE OF BRITAIN) in mid-late March – PM, for one, is happy about that result. Visit their MySpace to see those dates and hear some pretties.


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