Ste Guy – Demo

Ste Guy

Manchester-based indie-pop bedroom-dweller Stephen Guy (inexplicably abbreviated to ‘Ste’) has tenets and reference points of his field aplenty, but his delivery is commendably warm and interesting. There’s a slight fuzz to the edges of Goodbye To You that, though it could equally be the product of the demo recording process, recalls the effected recordings and retro stylisation of Fred Thomas’ work with Saturday Looks Good To Me, but with the merest hint of Ian Broudie to provide the bounce.

The vocally-bereft I Can Feel It is by far the strongest track here, possessive of and meandering through worlds of melancholy. Crucially, it’s quick of tempo, rendering any unwanted sentimentality too cloying to stifle it, and the guitar/whistling unison is charming. The remaining recordings here are cheerfully without any flab, being as they are all over in about six lovely seconds. If anything, the simple choices Guy makes align him with a fine heritage of Northern indie-pop – MJ Hibbett and Chris T-T would do well to keep an eye on him.

More here. Obviously you can’t buy this, it’s a demo. You plonker. But go to the MySpace and that. You genius.


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