Ono Palindromes – Kitty Magic EP

Ono Palindromes – Kitty Magic EP (Rainbow)

Ono Palindromes

Immediately recalling Andy Falkous in his more shrill and hysterical performances in McClusky, Ono Palindromes (a shockingly bad name, but we continue to respire) thankfully have a knack for balancing their aching anger with a large portion of inviting chord structures and approachable choruses. When it works, like on the opening Kitty Magic, it’s a scintillating ascent to post-punk-derived peaks of energy and repressed flamboyance, but when it falls flat on The End, it’s little more than an unintelligent and unimportant muscle-flex.

The positives are dominant though, and with three members of the band sharing the name ‘Andy’ making the prospect a load more heartening, it’s tough not to be softened by their puppyish lack of focus. Because they’ve got a natural touch for angering traditional pop structures, they can get away with the occasional blind corner and loose end. In fact, they might make their shambolic nature a virtue and obliterate any sense of being ruled by sentiment, continually tearing down pop firmaments with their obvious energy. The finest moment here is Eat Your Make-Up, which sasses along with (again, repressed and hiding behind the murk) glam, but the smut and grimy bass of more McClusky, a glorious and surprisingly tuneful high watermark.

This little bundle is out on April 6th via Rainbow Records. Have a look/listen.


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