Yppah – Gumball Machine Weekend EP

Yppah – Gumball Machine Weekend EP (Ninja Tune)


Sonic manipulation and organic elements are woven cleverly and with an agreeable level of psychedelic indulgence on this occasionally delightful EP – mastermind Joe Corrales Jr. proving himself possessive of a gifted, sensitive ear. The pulsing They Know What Ghost Know is probably the finest slice here, though by no means the most fun, gently tweaking itself into an eventual cacophony. Akin to Kevin Shields and the dronier moments of Caribou, it’s a beautiful construction site.

Elsewhere, the surprisingly raw stomp of The Drag enlivens what might be in danger of sounding a little too synthesized and alien. Though there are instrumental flourishes throughout the EP, they’re almost exclusively within the safe realms of chilling the hell out. The squalling guitar ostinato and thunderingly simple drums wake the conclusion up, a consummate mood-enhancer with a surprisingly soulful and dynamically interesting chord structure. Constant intrigue.


This mini-fungasm is available through Ninja Tune from April 13th. More here.


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