Levelload – I’ve Been Thinking

Levelload – I’ve Been Thinking (Flightpath)


Lauded by the likes of Simon Le Bon… why continue? Ah well, Levelload at least have a certain adherence to pop structures and knack with an atmospheric tremolo chord to prop up this burst of sugary Hives-esque angularity. The Japanese vocalist Mariko Doi follows in the footsteps of her country folk by treading a dicey line between dollyish sweetness and impish fury, while her compadre Tony Wade seems content to mangle his guitar into shapes Love Is All would love to add some humanity to. There’s not the innocence of Deerhoof, rather the stony-faced mischief Devo at work here.

Apparently being released in Britain for the first time (they’re megastars in Japan or something, like Puffy AmiYumi without the kitsch), it’s of no consequence whether they make it or not. They’ll always do well elsewhere. On the strength of this one cut, though, it’s hard to tell whether pop domination might ensue – we could equally shrug our collective shoulders.


I’ve Been Thinking is out on May 25th. More here.


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