Susumu Yokota – A Flower White EP

Susumu Yokota – A Flower White EP (Lo Recordings)

susumu yokota

The star of the title track is undoubtedly Nancy Elizabeth, whose unbending, pure and focused vocal sees the Susumu Yokota’s sparse, minimalist electro-pop lifted from hypnosis to delicate dramatics. There’s not much, musically, that engages beyond the creation of a slightly sinister mood, but altogether there doesn’t need to be. It’s the vocal that transforms the piece, and Yokota is merely the backdrop.

Equally impressive (though less immersive) is Seeland’s beautiful re-imagining of the same track, touched up in the right places to make it a slightly twee, clean and blissful experience. Other remixes of Yokota album tracks stay true to the spirit of the originals, embellishing slightly along the way. Montag’s instrumental version of Love Tendrilises is particularly expertly crafted, a totally sparing but affecting wash of subtle string chords and epic scope to match. It is probably attributable to Susumu Yokota’s dense, rewarding originals that all of these interpretations work so very well – a neat package.

More here – this comes out on May 4th. Yesterday.


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