Idle Lovers – All Control

Idle Lovers – All Control (Tast)


“They write top-notch toe-tappers and for that I thank them.” – Phill Jupitus.

I managed to read a whole interview with Tyondai Braxton while this one track played. It’s only three and a half minutes long. That can’t be right. The only explanation I can think of is that the three tracks on this single rolled over one another and landed me unceremoniously back at the beginning of the disc without having noticed. Indeed, a more careful listen (honest, I don’t always read while working…) shows that though the tempos and timbres change a little, nothing of Idle Hands changes enough to warrant much passing interest. Slick, Borrell-esque tales with bouncing beats, and not much else.

Phill Jupitus sits, reading an interview with Tyondai Braxton. Engrossed though he is by Braxton’s occasionally cold responses and methodical approach, it is not enough to stop his toe from tapping to the music he’s just put on. Braxton can wait – this is something that deserves his gratitude. He can’t get enough of the jerky pop fun and warm sounds of All Control. Those other two tracks repeat the track equally successfully, and our Phill is sold.

 The only purpose this single serves is to illustrate the gulf between Phill Jupitus and I.

This is out next week, Monday 11th I think. Hear here.


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