PM is back from ATP. PM is the decrepit loser.

So. It was good. Here’s a list of things that were notable, with accompanying media.

– PM’s camera broke on the Saturday (picture unavailable).

– Falco from Future Of The Left said some funny things, including (at one tool who looked like the cast of Skins compiled in vomit): “you’re like a kiddies version of Hellraiser without the benefit of rape.”

– The continual repetition, to the Beastie Boys’ refrain, of “NO! SLEEP! ‘TIL! SLEEP!!”

Sleep playing with such unreasonable volume that PM’s hair wobbled.

– PM met some metal-hungry Germans in an opposite chalet, two of whom had travelled from the Swiss-German border solely to catch Electric Wizard and Sleep. The remaining German had a borderline-psychopathic knolwedge of alternative music.

– Seeing David Yow having a bud on a grassy verge. He looked angry, and ready to stagedive.

– Watching Jim Henson’s Labyrinth at 10AM on Saturday after about 6 hours’ sleep, and then retiring to the chalet to catch Pan’s Labyrinth.

That scene was really fucking weird with a blistering hangover.

– The bass player from Devo staying in character so much that he did his stupid robot march over to the sound guy to tell him to turn stuff up.

Mark Mothersbaugh throwing bouncy balls into the crowd.

– This audience interaction:

Alan Sparhawk: “Any requests?”


(uncomfortable silence as Sparhawk glares into the crowd)

Man in crowd #2: (meekly) “You rock!”

Alan Sparhawk: “Thanks.”

– Excellent hummus in the Pizza Hut buffet.

– A man in Taunton who saw PM and accomplice eating pasta: “Yorr parsta looks nooice… good to be ‘ealffy…”

See you at Christmas, ATP!


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