The Heavy – Oh No! Not You Again!

The Heavy – Oh No! Not You Again! (Counter)

The Heavy

PM is a place that constantly bemoans the laziness of continual reliance on ‘the blues’ as a valid influence. This is a thorny area, because this most sacred of generic cows has a seeming immunity to any kind of attacks on its valorisation. Not for one moment do we suggest that ‘the blues’ itself is overrated in any way, more that those who are influenced by its basic tenets often rely too heavily on them, simply wheeling out tired sentiments over blues scales. The Heavy arrive, though, and make PM look rather silly.

It’s the brevity, it’s the greasy production and it’s the vigour of the performance that elevates Oh No! Not You Again! to something more than simple repetition. The lack of clarity the horn sound sickly and fat, and there’s just enough swagger in the vocal delivery to provide balls and sweat. A welcome cameo from The Noisettes’ Shingai Shoniwa seals the deal, a quick organ solo and the whole things done in under two minutes. The twelve bar blues is present throughout, but by virtue of the excellent other elements it remains merely influence, not reliance.

This is out on Counter records on May 18th. More here.


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