Trespassers William – The Natural Order Of Things EP

Trespassers William – The Natural Order Of Things EP (Gizeh) 

trespassers william

Matt Brown and Anna-Lynne Williams are intuitively linked to one another, sharing a musical relationship that is both complimentary and wrought with nuance. This EP sees their haziness reach their most ethereal depths yet, but still manage to handle pop currency well enough to make the whole a gem of restraint. As it batters quietly on, Red needs only simple, smoky organ progressions and Williams’ charmed vocals to sustain the interest. Any melodic focus is entirely at her discretion, and she wields the power very sparingly indeed.

It is the interaction that works the best here, instinctive bounces that create woozy, subconsciously beautiful and seeping entities. The high watermark is undoubtedly Catch Not Break, where Williams lets us see the most of her vocals and Matt Brown’s burbling electronics are more concrete in the Stochausen sense than just random bursts of atmosphere. There’s a sweet lilt to the whole song, too, courtesy of the odd pinch of ride cymbal, but it’s merely a device to help the experimentation more digestible. Do not be fooled – any glimpses of token rhythm and normality are more than entertainingly offset by the invention and interaction at work on this EP. Scintillating at all turns.

Have a listen here – it’s difficult to know when this gem arrived/arrives, PM’s post is hella-outta-order. Soz.


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