An Explanology


You know what? PM has not been producing much printable stuff of late. For that, PM is sorry. That’s the ‘ology bit done.

PM does not have much time, and gets sent many things in the post to listen to. If PM didn’t have a day-job where listening to much of this stuff in a quiet fashion while working, then even less would be done. The truth is, magazine work has cropped up in man-hours more than expected (i.e. any), and the time to write longer pieces and reviews is continually squashed down. Wa! So, as another month rolls around and another stack of short reviews needs to be written, take solace in the fact that any downscaling of content here is not a sign that PM is petering out, rather it’s a sign that things are more pressurised. And that’s the Explan’ bit done too.

Hey, on Monday, come back and read a thingy that went in Artrocker mag this month! You’ll like it! And hey, we’re still annoying the odd rapper here at PM. From the La Coka Nostra web area:

“a negative album review (surprise, surprise) [I will only post album review until the full album is out, be it mp3 or CD – because then we can all judge it, not just some privileged critics]”

You think it was a privelege?


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