Blindfold – Faking Dreams

Blindfold – Faking Dreams (Cinepop)


Four Icelandic friends set out to create an emotional brand of guitar expressiveness that resonates, above all, emotionally. They’re characterised by their slowly-progressing, rarely-digressing soundscapes and the high-register vocals of their front-man, Biggi. Remind you of anyone? DOES IT?

That’s not fair. Though there are a few too many similarities between Blindfold and their fellow countrymen Sigur Ros, it’s not right to take that into consideration when Faking Dreams can sully itself without comparison to others. It’s not that it’s incompetent, or even dishonest. It’s that it’s monumental in its dullness, and dull in its monuments. Each song strives to grow, to progress and to flourish, leaving Blindfold utterly crippled by their own refusal to find direction. Each chord progression limps without purpose, unable to project further than the next repetition of its sorry cycle, and certainly less able of setting the tiniest body hair a-tremble.

The final stab, Reverse seems to take an hour to get going and then a mere second to set itself out. Building, slowly, to absolutely nothing. Then, shockingly, it does it for a second time. There’s only so much one can endure and this has, everything, been done before, and better.

Here some of this guff, if you can be bothered, here. It’s out sometime this month, checking… oh. The 3rd. Whoops! Buy Artrocker magazine this month and this review will totally be in it!



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2 responses to “Blindfold – Faking Dreams

  1. Ben Webb

    This band and album are superb and your review is nothing short of benign rubbish, do you listen to any music or have any emotion.

    iI you do not like this particular music and sound then don’t bloody review it!!

  2. popmusicology

    The review is far from benign if it’s prompted you to react.

    Though it’s short (it’s in this month’s Artrocker, why not pick up a copy from your local WH Smith?), I’d argue there’s a reasonable level of analysis in it. As a rule of thumb for the album, the band rely on climax far too much. It’s not hard enough work to get to those climaxes, so it feels like no achivement at all when we get there.

    I’d go so far as saying that they are, literally, a pale imitation of Sigur Ros. At least Sigur Ros recognise the proportional economy that should be applied to pieces of longer length, and build up in an interesting fashion. Blindfold bluster and do little else.

    If I were to not review records that I don’t like, what the Dickens is the point of writing a damn thing? Should every review be positive, a possible extra sale? Crikey, oh crikey, no. Maybe Blindfold will get some good reviews. Read those instead. If there’s any points in my review you could argue against, then that’s perfectly fine – it is the essence of debate – but to criticise simply because it differs with your opinion of the album is dullardly.

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