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PM is off to ATP this morning. PM is the winner.

Should you be both attending this weekend’s ATP Vs. The Fans event and interested in stalking the unknowns of the ‘blogosphere, these are some of the acts PM will be watching. Whilst drunk and weeping and shouting, probably. See you at the Pizza Hut buffet!

Jeffrey Lewis

Look here for a recent interview PM did with Lewis himself.

Electric Wizard

Heavy, heavy jams.

Retribution Gospel Choir


The Acorn

Have a look at PM’s review of The Acorn’s latest LP.




Mondo rifferama.

Visit ATP here. The website, obviously. As if by clicking on a link you’d suddenly be whisked away to a sodden festival with ants and metal. Don’t be a plum.


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PM is going on holiday. Again. Bye. (Next week).



So content might be a little sparse. Sorry about that! Hope you don’t leave and never come back! PM aims to get some stuff up later in the week and the odd review ready for next week, so there’ll be something to enjoy, however tidbitty.

In other news, PM’s bonus scheme at work got cancelled. Mondo money trauma.

Have a nice week!

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PM is going on holiday. Bye.



Posts will still materialise across the week. People will continue to read with less-than-moderate interest. 

Have a productive week, see you a week Monday!

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